SAM Associated Partners

SAM is engaged with different stakeholders, which are individuals, groups of people and organisations representatives from the following target groups: Public and Private Educational, Industrial (Manufacturing Industry) sectors, Social Actor, National Authorities and EU Citizens.

Our Associated Partners are manufacturing experts, researchers and manufactures, training organizations, recruitment agencies, trade union; employers’ associations, national recruitment agencies and national qualifications agencies

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How are Associated Partners collaborating in SAM?

  • Participating in the AM skills needs identification and validation workshops;
  • Participating in working sessions to review and develop the Professional Profiles;
  • Participating in the review and development of AM Qualifications /Competence Units;
  • Supporting the implementation of training courses;
  • Supporting the dissemination of the project Results;
  • Supporting the 3D Printing / AM raise awareness campaign with children, students and workforce;
  • Other contributions.

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