About the European AM Observatory

Welcome to the European AM Observatory.

The AM Observatory is putting in practice a methodology for a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth of the Additive Manufacturing Sector in Europe.
We provide updated information on AM skills needs shortages and mismatches and on technological trends.
We monitor a broader scope of AM related initiatives, which are in demand by the labour market within the European and National landscapes.

SAM’s skills strategy until 2030, outlines the sector needs and identifies a set of implementation activities towards AM skills development in Europe.

The Strategy includes:

  • Challenges in Additive Manufacturing (AM) “Gap Drivers”, illustrating the foremost obstacles to the development of the European AM sector;
  • Strategic objectives, defined as purpose statements, grounding the overall sector skills roadmap vision and measurable steps to overcome the challenges faced by the AM sector;
  • Actions, illustrating concrete and feasible solutions for each “gap driver”, helping to maximize the success of the strategy.
  • Impact representing the expected degree of success at countering each “gap driver”;
  • Recommendations formulated as proposals, best practices, and guidance actions for further implementation by the different target groups, to take the best course of actions
  • Target groups, correspond to four main groups of stakeholders (e.g. Education, Industry, EU citizens/workers, legislators and policy makers) responsible for, directly or indirectly, contributing to for the recommendations,

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The AM Observatory aims at gathering and presenting data of the Additive Manufacturing sector, with special focus on current and future skills

In addition to this objective, the AM Observatory aims at implementing an AM Qualification System through a network of AM training centres.

The AM Observatory is an interactive platform constantly updated that aims to track the evolution of this peculiar sector.

Adelaide Almeida

EWF Head of Educational Projects